Aplication Letter

Berikut adalah contoh surat lamaran dalam bahasa inggris untuk dibagian Sales and Marketing. Silahkan dipakai untuk bagian yang lain dengan mengganti posisi dan pengalaman berdasarkan pengalamanmu sendiri.

Dear Sir/Madam

Having heard that there is an excited vacancy for Sales Manager, I am interested to join at your established organization and a copy of my curriculum vitae is enclosed.

I am currently working as a Sales Executive and completely have previous background at Sales Department in one of Asia chain resort. With impeccable standards of hotel and villa experience, have an excellent eye for detail and the ability to bring out the best in your team.

Though it would be my third experience in the hospitality industry, the kind of work in which your consulate is engaged particularly interests me and I would welcome the opportunity to join your excellent company.

I shall be pleased to provide any further information you may need and hope I may be given the opportunity of an interview.

Yours sincerely,

Your Name
Surat Lamaran Training

Berikut adalah contoh surat lamaran untuk training atau internship program. Bagi mahasiswa perhotelan, on the job training adalah salah satu faktor penting penentu kelulusan dan training di hotel ternama juga akan memberi nilai plus untuk melamar pekerjaan bila sudah lulus kuliah. Silahkan gunakan contoh surat lamaran training dibawah ini dan silahkan dimodifikasi sesuai bidang dan jurusan kuliah masing2.

Good Luck!

To: Human Resources Department

Conrad Bali Hotel

Nusa Dua – Bali

Re: Apllication for Training from beginning of December 2009 to End of June 2010

Dear Sir/Madam,

At present I am a full time student at PPLP Dhyana Pura majoring in Hotel and Tourism Industry. My main subjects are Management in Room Division. As an Integrated part of my studies to make a training, I would be pleased if I could get the possibility to do this at your established and well known hotel

As I have seen, service orientation is a very important factor for the organization that turns Conrad Bali into a competitive player on the tourist market. I would like to see and learn how this is carried out and controlled and obviously will love to learn it with the best.

I am convinced that my skills are also a great value and advantageous for your organization. For your perusal, I am enclosing my resume.

Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to hear from you soon

Sincerely Yours,

(Your Name)

Contoh Surat Lamaran Bartender
Berikut ini adalah contoh surat lamaran untuk bartender. Bartender seringkali harus memiliki kemampuan lain selain meracik minuman. Misalnya Juggling atau kemampuan lain seperti sulap ringan atau trik2 entertaining yang lain. Silahkan diubah –ubah contoh surat lamaran bartender di bawah ini sesuai dengan kemampuan masing2… Good Luck!


January 6, 2009

Human Resources Department
W Resort & Spa

Dear Mr. XXXXX,

Please consider my qualifications for the position of Bartender. I have learned that an opening is available on your team. I would like to be considered as a serious candidate.

As a bartender, I have a wide knowledge of beverages, including cocktails and champagne & wine selection. I am now improving my skill in juggling and I believe my experience in winning some bartending and juggling competition could be taken into consideration

I have good communication skill, ability to work in a team. I take pride in working hard and enjoy challenges and demands.

Thank you for your time and courtesy in reviewing this material and for your consideration of my qualifications for the open position. I have enclosed a copy of my resume for your perusal.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience so that I may share with you my background and enthusiasm for the position.


(Your Name)

Surat Lamaran Pramugari
Temenku baru aja nyoba ngelamar untuk jadi pramugari, n walopun yang aku buat disini adalah contoh surat lamaran untuk hotel, yah gak ada salahnya aku posting juga contoh surat lamaran untuk pramugari.

Ini adalah surat lamaran yang dia pakai untuk melamar jadi pramugari n kebetulan banget sekarang dia udah jadi pramugari untuk Kuwait Airlines. So atas kesuksesannya aku pinjem surat lamarannya untuk kuposting disini n supaya calon2 pramugari lainnya bisa sukses juga kaya dia….


January 6, 2009

Human Resources Department
Air Asia

Dear Mr. XXXXXX,

If Air Asia requires a high-energy Flight Stewardess with a no-excuses attitude and is up to any task, than I’m the person you’re seeking.

I believe that my abilities and qualifications can be fully applied to our mutual benefit. My resume is enclosed for your review and consideration.

I am a female, 25 years old with 165cm height and 50 kgs weight. I am considered a pleasant personality and have a great communication skills. I also have willingness and commitment to serve a compulsory service bond. Other strengths include the ability to understand people’s character, hard work, coupled with integrity & dedication is the reason for success in each of my earlier assignments.

I believe that my organizational skills and my outgoing personality will enable me to contribute to your high standards. I am confident I can provide many valuable contributions to your company.

Thank you for reviewing my credentials. I look forward to hearing from you.


(Your Name)

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Surat Lamaran Restaurant Manager
Berikut ini adalah contoh surat lamaran untuk bagian Manager. Kebetulan aku baru dapet contoh surat lamarannya n langsunga aja kuposting disini. Silahkan dipakai buat referensi atau contoh untuk melamar kerja.. Diganti2 aja posisinya kalo mau dipakai untuk melamar kerja di bagian lain…

Selamat Taun Baru n ayo tetep semangat!


Seminyak, 29 December, 2008

General Manager
W Hotels & Resort

Dear Mr. XXXX,

I am writing in response to your advertisement for a restaurant manager position with your established Hotels.

Since the hospitality industry has been an integral part of my work experience. I was thrilled to learn of your new developments.

The hospitality industry is extremely customer focused. I will ensure that the restaurant operates efficiently and profitably whilst maintaining the reputation and ethos, and maintaining high standards of food, health and safety and business performance.

I have enclosed my resume to provide more information on my strengths and career achievements. I hope that we will have the opportunity to discuss my qualifications further during a personal meeting.

Thank you for your consideration.


Cole Juliarta

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Surat Lamaran Bag. Accounting
Application Letter ini cocok untuk yang baru lulus kuliah dan berniat untuk melamar pekerjaan. Contoh surat lamaran yang ada disini sih untuk bagian accounting tapi tentu saja bisa diganti untuk melamar pekerjaan dibagian apa saja, tinggal diganti aja menurut lowongan pekerjaan yang diinginkan


Dear Sir/Madam,

Having recently graduated with a Bachelor of Economy from the University of Udayana, I am very interested in gaining an opportunity to use the skills I have developed in your well known hotel. I am interested in the area of Accounting. However, I would be willing to gain experience in any area you feel is suited to my skills and experience.

I am particularly proud of my academic achievements, having gained a credit average throughout my degree, especially given that I have been on the job training in a five star hotel. My most recent work experience was as an Assistant Accountant with Hilton Hotel where I took responsibility for checking the bill and payment.

Enclosed is a copy of my resume and academic transcript for your consideration. I would be very interested in meeting with you to discuss any possibilities and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,


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Surat Lamaran Guest Relation
Surat Lamaran ini aku pake waktu melamar pekerjaan sebagai guest relation di bagian kantor depan hotel.

Dear Mr. xxx,

During the last three years of my career in the hospitality industry, I have been awarded as a best employee of the year 2007 and the best upselling perfomance of the year 2007. When I saw your advertisement for a guest relation, I knew that I should write an introductory cover letter and let my interest in your established company be known.

I am very interested in being considered for the position and believe that my prior experience as a guest assistance make me an ideal candidate to fill that role for your well known hotel.

My goal would be to bring the same dedication and enthusiasm that I have demonstrated in my prior positions to your company by conscientiously handing such responsibilities as arranging guest activities, making arrangements for special services and generally ensuring each customer’s stay is a pleasant experience.

I would consider it an honor to be associated with your established company and hope to have the opportunity to meet or talk with you at your earliest convenience


Contoh Surat Lamaran Kerja untuk bagian Administrasi
Ini contoh surat lamaran untuk melamar di bagian administrasi:
Dear Sir/Madam,

Through advertisement in Bali Advertiser, I notice that Australian Consulate General Bali is seeking for a consulate clerk. Herewith I submit this application with reliance that I can take part in devoting my potency.

I am 25 years old female, excellent health, willing to work hard and willing to learn new skill. I was graduated from PPLP Dhyana Pura, Certificate IV accommodation in International Class with Goulburn Ovens Institute of TAFE, Australia. I speak good english and have a good knowledge of office practice and computer system as well as correspondence in English and Indonesian. I understand that my experiences in Guest Relation and Reservation Department have given me a strong focus with clients to deal with their needs.

I have attached my resume for your consideration. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require copy of my certificates and reference letters.
I look forward to hearing from you and would greatly appreciate on opportunity to attend an interview at your earliest convenience.

With kind regards,


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